We’re so excited about making 50 posts! For those of you who are new to Camellia’s Cottage…here’s an update of our very first post!

Camellia's Cottage

01bfc08b061192c2354e9003ed02f0a27f3b4d7e3fA Letter from Camellia

Camellia 1-second tryHi, my name is Camellia, a fictional character who is an Alabama girl born and bred. Brenda Wyatt created me as a composite of the finest ladies from her home state who will share good things about life in the south.  Alabama is a place where we love our folks, our friends, our homes, humor and hospitality. My name comes from the state flower, the Camellia. You might call it a shrub, but if you live here you either call it a bush or just say- ‘Would you look at that Camellia’. Like Brenda told me, ‘Darlin’ your name is gonna be Camellia; it’s the epitome of a southern lady- but like me, it blooms in the dead of winter’. Shh…don’t tell it- but Brenda is of a ‘certain age’, but she’s decided to flourish later in life and learn some technology! Later she will introduce you to my fictional friend (what other kind would I…

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2 thoughts on “Camellia’s Cottage

  1. Hi Camillia! I realized Brenda had created you after reading the about me page yesterday. Sorry I got you two mixed up. 😀


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