imageBirthdays, weddings, graduations! Teas, luncheons, baby showers! Recitals, field trips, classroom parties! May Day, Memorial Day and Mother’s Day too! Father’s Day, fish fries and family reunions! Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it!

Here’s what the experts will tell you to do- shop ahead, stock up; get storage containers, label each one and make elaborate calendar entries, plan everything down to a tee! Well, I’m gonna do things different this year!

First I will mark my calendar 57 days out from the first day of our summer vacation-I will make sure all flights and hotels are booked by then to get the best prices. Then, here’s my plan:

  • Shop my pantry, fridge and freezer first, work down what I have, give excess canned or packaged goods to food pantries who need it all year round.
  • Shop my closet first, ditch what I know I won’t wear, what doesn’t fit or is stained beyond the blue yonder. Give the nice things to a shelter and throw the rest out.
  • Shop my wrapping paper and ribbons, throw out the excess bits and pieces or the whole mess! And order a big roll of white wrapping paper for all of those occasions ahead.
  • Gather my cleaning supplies in one place, use up what I have, throw out what is dried up or never used.

This is saving, not spending. This is getting a head start with what you have.This is spring cleaning at its best.  Spring is too beautiful to fret over, get out there and enjoy it!

Love y’all, Camellia

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