Meet our CFO-Chief Feline Overseer..


Hi, I’m Walter, the chief feline overseer at Camellia’s Cottage. I prefer to remain incognito, though don’t be fooled- I know everything that goes on around here. Camellia got it into her head that she wanted to do a story on me. For the record, I told her that was completely unnecessary, I like my privacy- she kept looking up old photographs that are, frankly embarrassing. There are untold times that she took my photograph when I was trying to take a nap.


Recently, I was sick, the prognosis didn’t look so good- but I am happy to report that after subjecting me to yet another round of ridiculous observations by my personal physician, I have gained back some of my weight and am feeling more like myself again. So, I was feeling magnanimous today and told Camellia that she could do a story, without photographs and without bothering me for anymore details or information. I am busy, I am perfecting the art of relaxation and deep contemplation. I have little time for this sort of nonsense. I will tolerate you, I may hide from you, but there are very few who are graced with my presence- much less my attention, or even my affection. I have asked Camellia to protect my reputation and dignity. Unlike Camellia, I  do not love y’all.  Just so you know, the pictures you are about to see are used without my permission and the following subject matter is for immature audiences. You have been warned. Camellia, I will hand it over to you…

Hi, y’all. Isn’t that Walter a hoot? I wanted to introduce him to you because he is such an important part of our lives. He and his precious brother Wilbur were born just one week before the disaster of 9/11, in a small town in Alabama, called Moundville. They are the offspring of Himalayan royalty- King Kilo and Queen Hilo -these little boys were certainly royal babies. When we adopted them, they were just shy of 8 weeks old. Just look at these precious kitty babies!

They were such a pair! They played rough and tumble… Walter even tried to ‘fly’ – we would put them up on the bed and at a running start, like a tiny flying squirrel off Walter would go into the wild blue yonder! Once I had to start putting them in the laundry room at night so they wouldn’t get lost in the house, I would put their food on a paper plate- which they stood on to eat. One morning the empty paper plate had been shoved empty under the door, like the two impish ‘prisoners’ they were! Both were almost mute, I promise they both quietly called me ‘Ma’, and the purring was non-stop especially for Walter.  Every morning, Wilbur would look soulfully at me and whisper- ‘hi’ …he would stand like a show cat when he was being brushed! It was his favorite thing, not to be excluded, Walter would muscle his quiet way in, for a brushing of his own! They were totally non-violent, they might follow one of those big ol’ palmetto bugs but never go in for the kill. Look at these boys with bubbles!

imageBoth of them had favorite spots to sneak in a nap- Walter preferred the black iron pedestal urn.imageWilbur preferred the sink. image

Walter even posed for a Halloween photo in his beloved urn. Pretty scary, huh? Don’t be fooled, he was just indignant at being caught! imageThey were a pair for 11 years- at Christmas, we usually took pictures of them but they were rarely good photos. I had to include this one, when it was edited, look closely! At the bottom of the photo was shy Wilbur, with Walter looking on from his pedestal. imageIt hardly seems possible, but a few years ago, our kind Braveheart, Wilbur, died unexpectedly in my arms. I was devastated, because Walter was also very sick as well. The thought of losing them was unbearable.We never discovered exactly what the cause of death was- but Walter soldiered on…a few months ago- the ever dignified Walter became sick- Even in sickness, he sat valiantly like the prince he is…imageHe had some sort of respiratory infection and his arthritis bothers him some days-he is after all 15 years old. We hope he stays around a long time; but he still loves to pose for the camera…imageIMG_1356imageimageWe are very happy to report that Walter is back at his post, ever vigilant, ever taking good catnaps; our longsuffering Lion King… imageThank you Big Walter for letting me tell your story- I wish you could hear it, he’s had his ‘motor runnin’ -purring since he was a tiny babe! I guess I better let him get on with his deep contemplation and relaxation techniques. I know all y’all have a beloved pet-share your photos with us- most of all- take care of them, love them everyday- they are truly gifts of sweet joy and warm beauty. Love y’all, Camellia imageWell, finally she finished. I will try my best to accept this with all dignity and grace.

Yours sincerely, Walter- CFO- Camellia’s Cottage.

We’ve been nominated for an award!!!


‘We’ve been nominated for a Liebster award! Can you believe it Walter? I hate to disturb your nap, but Camellia’s Cottage has been nominated for an award!’~ Walter is looking at me like I’m crazy but Allie Mac, Brenda and I are excited around here! I mean, an award? y’all…really?photo Let me tell you what it is…The Liebster Award is given to new bloggers by another blogger. A big southern ‘Thank you darlin ‘- goes to an amazing blogger -Agatha Chocolats ! I think I’ve gained weight just looking at her blog with all of that chocolate! You have to go see what that little Southern girl is up to! To thank her properly here is a thank you note especially for you, Agatha- imageI like Agatha’s blog because of the images she uses- some are even short video clips, the 13 recipes she does once a week, the unusual combination of mystery and chocolate is intriguing and the playful, tasteful way she produces her blog. Currently it has to be my favorite! She has inspired me to be a better blogger.

Agatha had some questions for me when she nominated Camellia’s Cottage-

  • What would be the motto of your blog? Agatha, I would have to say, ‘Our Sweet Home in Alabama ‘.
  • What is your favorite childhood book? Hands down, it’s ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ – I love the question in it- ‘How do you know you’re ‘real’? And the reply, ‘You know you’re ‘real’ when your eyes fall out, your fur gets loved off and you are very shabby ‘ – by that definition, I am well on my way to- ‘becoming real’!
  • What is the best pairing for chocolate? It took one second to answer that one! Coffee!
  • What forms of social media do you like best when connecting with your readers outside of your blog? I’m old timey here, I would love to chat with them by phone or at an old fashioned ‘tea’ .
  • If you could invite 3 people (living, dead, fictional…anybody!) who would you invite? Well, darlin’ I would have to have 2 parties or one ‘dinner in the ground’! If I could have them back for just one meal, I would choose my grandmother, my husband’s grandmother and my precious mother in law for the first party. For the second party I would invite the ever inspirational Jesus Christ, who attended and even served some of the most miraculous meals ever! Then, C. S. Lewis,  one of the most scholarly and prolific authors ever! And of course, Thomas Jefferson- whose wide range of interests never fails to amaze me!
  • What would you serve? Agatha, I would want the ladies to cook for me! My grandmother’s turkey and dressing, my mother in law’s famous fresh coconut cake and my husband’s grandmother made delicious ‘southern baked-with-brown-sugar acorn squash’! For the men I would serve Parisienne Chicken, steamed broccoli, Sweet Orange Rolls, and a Mandarin Orange/toasted almond salad.
  • What are your 5 best qualities? Well now, that’s a hard one- I suppose (1)my sense of humor, (2)my love of place, (3)I hope I am creatively inspirational, (4)my concern for victims of poverty and domestic violence and the welfare of children; and (5)I would never want anyone to leave here- hungry or empty handed.
  •  What is the best thing covered in chocolate? Agatha! I hate being pinned down but I would have to say-  my homemade English Toffee!
  • What is your passion? My threefold passion is a love of learning, reading and writing, all of which come together at Camellia’s Cottage.
  • If you had 3 wishes what would they be?  Bless your heart, who wouldn’t want 3 wishes? (1)I wish Alabama could be experienced, not by the headlines, but by her natural beauty, a place where talent and  technology rub shoulders with farmers, football players, fashion designers and fishermen, where world renowned chefs and home cooks learn from each other; where goodness and greatness show their generosity regularly and where writers and publishers, art and industry exist on a level barely acknowledged; where kind gentle folk work hard, love their families and appreciate what true southern hospitality really is.(2) I wish I could read at least 100 books in 2016- I’ve read almost 50- so I’m making a good start, and finally, (3) I wish folks would choose watching, listening and reading things that aren’t loud and cynical ( where are Huntley/Brinkley?) but factual news which would inform and fill us up with hope and goodwill- I think those things should start with me and hopefully Camellia’s Cottage will do that.

Finally, Agatha Chocolats asked, which is the my most favorite published blog post? No contest! It was the least ‘liked’ or noticed on Camellia’s Cottage- called ‘ Lookin’ for Fame?’ Posted on March 23, 2016, about the amazing music, talent and recording genuises in the ‘Shoals’ of Northeast Alabama -I hope it will inspire you to at least see the ‘Muscle Shoals’ documentary! here’s a link- https://camelliascottage/2016/3/23/look-in-for-fame And we hope to do a part 2 to go with it, because world famous fashion designers, Billy Reid and Alabama Chanin are doing amazing work up that way too!


There is more to accepting this award, including my personal nominees for the Liebster Award, which I will do in my next post…

In the meantime go take an indulgent visit to- Agatha Chocolats @ !   Love y’all, Camellia