Hi I’m Brenda Wyatt! In 2016, I created a pseudonym named Camellia, who represented our Sweet Home Alabama. The Camellia is our state flower, it basically blooms when nothing else is blooming … in mid winter. Given that I’m …’of a certain age..’ I felt it was appropriate to me and so many other southern ladies I have loved- who are wise and witty beyond measure; inspiring and taught me most of what I know. We’ve won awards hereand were included in Z Publishing ‘Emerging Writers in Alabama’. 

After over 400 blog posts, we are now including some Tips about Blogging, Tips for Small Business in Retail, Public Relations and Marketing– that’s my career background, as a Retail Specialist, spanning almost 3 decades. We are excited by these new opportunities to help small businesses!

*My online Course- Be Unforgettable- Beginner’s Guide to Visual Marketing is available now! It encompasses what I learned in 30 plus years of Retail, my 9 Principles of Design for visual displays, 15 writing lessons and marketing101! In all a 50+ page Workbook and more! To find out more- follow this link: 

Be Unforgettable Beginner’s Guide to Visual Marketing


We’ve done dozens of One on One interviews with beginners and professionals and now are doing One on One ‘Designin’ Your Businessconsultations. “Camellia” is becoming a Cottage Industry. We  select folks for One on One’s carefully, as time is limited. If you’re interested- our contact information is below.

I live in Pell City AL with my husband, Wallace Wyatt, Jr- retired after decades of serving as our county’s judge of probate. We are so proud of our two daughters and son in law. They are accomplished in their own fields.

I hope you enjoy your time here in our little corner of the virtual world. And we would love to help! 

Love y’all, Brenda

Contact:    email: brenda@brenda-wyatt.com Contact me by email for any questions, if you think this is something you need for your business or blog.

We are active on Instagram where we are adding new content regularly- IG address:  @brendawyatt_   Home Address: 1025 Dogwood Drive, Pell City, AL 35128

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