Water Under the Bridge

When this crazy place called Camellia’s Cottage was just moving along on a hope and a prayer…ok more than one, lots of prayers! Still. I realized that my photography skills were very limited. Part of our Mission Statement was- to showcase the natural beauty of our home state, Alabama. Enter talented photographer, Jeremy Miniard– who had taken gorgeous photographs that hadn’t seen the light of day! We had no budget for a photographer, yet Jeremy agreed to share some of his with us- and wow, has he made us look good! Starting way back in the first year that we started Camellia’s Cottage- Jeremy’s photographs were showcased with Doors of Alabama, Porches of Alabama and more! Okay, I admit it.  I have often sat and stared in wonder at his images of this hidden gem we call Home! Last Fall, Jeremy’s photographs, were entered in not one but two categories, and both won First Place in Outdoor Alabama, the official website for Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources! This is a big deal!Coastal LifeWow, let me say that again- Our own, award winning photographer, Jeremy Miniard won First Place in two categories- ‘Water Under the Bridge’ and ‘Coastal Life’ ! The Gulf Coast of Alabama is a well kept secret here! Due to one of Jeremy’s photographs we had used, a blogger from Hawaii linked one of our articles with photographs to his blog about Hawaiian Beaches! Wow! He told me he had no idea that the beaches in Alabama are so beautiful!

Outdoor Alabama also asked for submissions of the Covered Bridges of Alabama- the stunning photograph by Jeremy is beautifully composed with shades of purple-at the top of the page- I know you’ll agree it is astounding, apparently the judges agreed! Are we proud or what? Actually what we are… is proud- but also so thankful Jeremy has been so generous to share his talents with us! Jeremy’s winning photographs will most certainly be used in brochures to promote tourism in Alabama!  And hopefully you too, will agree with the folks at the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources- this is one Sweet Home we have right here in Alabama!

Congratulations Jeremy! You’ve been Camellia’s Cottage Natural Resource and a Treasure!

Love y’all, Camellia

  • *If you’d like to check out Jeremy’s photographs and the other categories, mosey on over to Outdoor Alabama’s Facebook Page!  And check out Outdoor Alabama here – Outdoor Alabama
  • *Photographs used in this article were by permission from Jeremy Miniard and should not be used without his permission. Other works may be found at jeremy.miniard.fineartamerica.com
  • *And while we’re at it, there’s a little more good news… A few months ago, Camellia’s Cottage was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by a wonderful writer, cook and baker named Ursula at A Little Swiss, A Little Canadian – Simple Recipes made with Love. Due to some time restraints we have not been able to finish the requirements for this award, but we are certainly astounded and grateful to have been nominated! Hey, Ursula, you’re the best, sweetie! Many thanks and all the best to you and yours! Check her out, y’all! at A Little Swiss, A Little Canadian here – A Little Swiss, A Little Canadian

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